Hey! My name is Tristan from Amsterdam (Holland).

Ever since I studied Russian in the early 2000’s I always had this feeling that learning a new alphabet shouldn’t be so damn hard. Back then it took me hours and hours, because I was not doing it in a smart way. Basic approach was “just do it”.

Not efficient.

Then some years later I read some books on memory techniques and language learning. Fascinated I thought about applying it to alphabets. Your brain can easily learn cartoons and remember them for a long time.

So why not use that?

I made some (ugly!) sketches and tested them on a friend of mine. It worked. Now it was time to hire a professional designer and create some cartoons that looked good. It was quite hard to explain to him why I wanted these ridiculous pictures… Lots of revisions later you can see the results at the site.

What will you find on this website?

At this moment only the Russian alphabet is available at this site, but there are plans to add more alphabets. The same technique with cartoons can be applied to a number of alphabets like Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean and Thai.

Greek is probably the next alphabet that will be added to the website.

Have fun!